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Improving performance & scalability of blockchain networks

Posted by: Hitarshi Buch | November 19, 2019

Performance and scalability of IT systems have always been the key non-functional requirements that are used to gauge the production-readiness of any implementation project.

Establishing blockchain privacy through Zero Knowledge Proof

Posted by: Hitarshi Buch | June 20, 2019

Can I cast my vote without revealing my date of birth? Can I obtain a loan without revealing my current salary?

Can Blockchain Be Leveraged As NextGen BPM?

Posted by: Hitarshi Buch | January 04, 2017

Blockchain adoption will impact existing business processes and its comparison with BPM is inevitable

Monolithic to Micro services Architecture: A Leap of Faith?

Posted by: Hitarshi Buch | May 06, 2016

Organizations across the globe have built software applications which are a true representation of monolithic architecture – one in which functionally distinguishable aspects are not architecturally separate components but are all interleaved.

From SOA to Micro-SOA: It’s a macro shift

Posted by: Hitarshi Buch | September 01, 2015

A modern legend says that Isaac Newton, in spite of being a genius, had built two doors for his cat house, a big one for his cat and a smaller one for its kittens, not realizing that both could have used the same big door. Let’s see whether this "one-size-fits-all" philosophy relates to the evolving world of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

SOA Value Realization - Fact or Fiction?

Posted by: Hitarshi Buch | November 20, 2014

Adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) caught momentum several years ago in the IT industry. With organizations increasingly investing in technology, governance process and delivery aspects of SOA, the overall maturity levels have increased over the years.