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Security token offerings: Will it be a game changer for the capital market?

Posted by: Abdemanaf Rangwala | April 11, 2019

The Global Capital markets is still recovering from the 2008 crisis; the regulatory burden has sapped the energy out of capital markets. In US alone, Wall Street is seen as the quagmire for gambling and loss by political pundits, however significantly, capital markets fund 65% of the US economy therefore the dependency on capital markets as whole is something that cannot be ignored

Security Token Offerings: What does it offer?

Posted by: Abdemanaf Rangwala | April 11, 2019

ICO’s (Initial Coin offering) was introduced in the market with huge aplomb. The sole purpose being the issuance of digital coins that would streamline the exchange process and reduce costs considerably. However, over time, scams and hacks has taken over the news and with that taken away the ‘trust’ factor. Interestingly, the Top 10 biggest ICO scams managed to fraud with $ 687.4 million (Source: Finance Monthly) which is 50% of the GDP of Seychelles and Gambia