Enterprise-in-a-Box, a service offering from Wipro, provides a swift and cost-effective solution for organizations to launch their products and services. This service is tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of NewCo firms. It offers a range of service capabilities on a pay-as-you-go model across various process areas including CRM, Q2C, Finance, Supply Chain, Human Capital, Procurement, and other enterprise capabilities. These services come with built-in operational efficiency, productivity, and controls.

Organizations that can benefit from this service may be formed due to an acquisition, divestiture, carve-out, restructuring, or as a portfolio company led by private equity that requires digital enablement for Operations, Applications, Security, Infrastructure, and AI-driven Analytics capabilities.

The Enterprise-in-a-Box solution is built using the best practices and industry standards of CRM/ERP/HCM systems. It also includes solutions for a digital workplace, communication, content, and collaboration, cloud hosting management for cloud-native apps, and support for operations through our global business services.


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Industry leading products / platforms stacks.

Economies of scale

Scale up or down, per business velocity.

Pay as you go

M&A friendly, defined entry and exit paths.


 Finance & Accounting    

Sourcing, Procurement

Supply Chain Operations

CRM, Sales, Marketing

Human Capital & Payroll Ops

Shared Services Operations

Cyber Security

AI-driven Analytics

Digital Workplace, & Collaboration

Cloud Infrastructure

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