In transportation and logistics, innovation is not just a catchphrase; it’s the engine propelling the industry forward. Technology trends are reshaping traditional practices, transportation and logistics organizations are at the forefront of adopting transformative solutions to meet evolving demands and navigate dynamic market landscapes. At the core of this evolution lies the integration of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, enabling transportation leaders to harness data-driven insights and optimize operational performance across the logistics value chain.

AI-driven solutions are permeating every facet of the industry. Transportation companies are: 

  • Leveraging actionable AI to drive informed decision-making and avoid disruptions
  • Embracing composable applications and industry cloud platforms for enhanced agility and scalability
  • Adopting AI-powered smart operations, mobile asset optimization, and seamless supply chain integration services
  • Advancing predictive analytics and robotics
  • Exploring IoT-enabled asset management

The industry is undergoing a paradigm shift towards greater efficiency and responsiveness. With AI, transportation and logistics organizations are poised to redefine industry standards and drive unparalleled innovation for a more connected, efficient, and sustainable future.

Case Studies

Wipro ai360 for Transportation

Fortune 500 transportation giant achieves record efficiency and processes 700M packages in 18 months with Wipro ai360 and Engineering Edge

A global logistics major worked with Wipro to develop an AI-enabled automated solution to process non-standard and standard packages for various categories. The Wipro AI solution leveraged four high-speed AI models, highly scalable hybrid architecture, cloud-native microservices, and low latency processing to reduce disruption in automated sorting. The solution achieved, on average, 98% accuracy for all package categories. Faster and accurate processing has resulted in additional revenue, reduced operations costs, and improved customer experience. The deployed solution enabled a minimum of 85% of the total package volume to be processed automatically, processing more than 700 million packages in 18 months across 55+ facilities.
Expertise: AI, Cloud, microservices, automation 

Data platform and ML boost delivery efficiency for a global logistics leader  

A global logistics and transport leader wanted a data-driven solution to improve delivery tracking and rates and increase efficiencies. Wipro’s solution included a data platform with real-time ingestion of scan data (structured and semi-structured scans), a data lake for decision support, prediction, event reconciliation, and reporting, ML models to detect anomalies and predict maintenance for scanner hardware, and Azure and Databricks were used to provide flexibility to ingest more data and long-term data storage for better predictions and more accurate operation research models. The solution ​improved predictions and increased operational efficiencies.
Expertise: ML, data lake, data analytics 

Wipro ai360 for Transportation

Wipro ai360 for Transportation

AI predicts shipping App failures, reduces fault detection time by 50% for logistics giant

A global logistics leader sought to better predict failures related to its shipping app. Frequent failures caused client dissatisfaction and revenue loss. Wipro’s solution leveraged Loom anomaly detector and HOLMES (Wipro’s AI platform) to detect probable failures in applications for delivery, timecards, SGS (a global inspection system), etc., an UI that displays analytical insights behind failures, and AI-enabled app self-healing. With mean-time-to-recovery for apps reduced by approximately 25% and mean-time-to-detect a fault reduced by approximately 50%, the improved app is driving increased client satisfaction and revenue.
Expertise: AI, data analytics, automation

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