The retail industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges due to changing customer expectations, an uncertain economic environment, supply chain disruptions, and ballooning labor costs. Retailers must transform their business models and operations remain competitive. 

AI will be at the core of these transformations, providing retailers with new ways to leverage large amounts of data and become more deeply insights-driven. These AI transformations will:

  • Personalize and orchestrate customer journeys 
  • Add precision to marketing 
  • Create the future of merchandising 
  • Manage dynamic pricing, loss prevention, labor optimization, supply chain operations, and network planning   

Combining the power of AI and Generative AI, Wipro ai360 enables retailers to deploy targeted solutions that improve margin, revenue, and productivity while reducing operational costs.

Case Studies

Wipro ai360 for Retail

AI transforms customer care, and lifts NPS scores by 25% while reducing merchandise returns to 4% for an electronics retailer

A US electronics retailer sought to implement a virtual agent to streamline customer assistance and raise NPS scores. Further, they wanted to utilize voice-to-text analytics to improve KPIs and optimize call volumes. Wipro’s solution leveraged voice and text analytics to improve business KPIs and optimize call volumes. Wipro and the client collaborated on AI experiments to improve virtual agent assistance for consumers. As a result, the client increased NPS by 25%, reduced merchandise returns from 16% to 4%, and delivered operational savings of approximately $1M.

Generative AI chatbot drives sales growth for retail giant

A US recreational retailer was using a chat option on their website to connect customers to a representative for query resolution. They wanted to replace the existing chat option with a Generative AI interactive bot that could suggest products matching the customer’s criteria. Wipro collected data on customer queries on the existing chat portal and used the query data to build a Generative AI chatbot model that responded to customer queries and issues and helped with purchases. The model converts the user’s question to an equivalent structured query using Generative AI and fetches related information from the database. The new chatbot resolves customer queries and suggests products matching the user’s use case, budget, etc. The new Generative AI model has demonstrably improved customer service and increased sales.


Wipro ai360 for Retail

Wipro ai360 for Retail

Retail sales skyrocket with AI-driven personalized shopping

A US-based retailer aimed to boost cookware and apparel sales. Recognizing the potential to maximize purchases from existing customers, they sought a solution to curate ideal product combinations, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for their clientele. Wipro’s solution leveraged AI to summarize sales data from the client's ERP system, utilize association rules to formulate diverse offerings for cookware and apparel, and empower marketing teams to devise campaign strategies based on the curated baskets. The solution helped the client understand shopper purchasing habits/preferences and structure offerings accordingly.

AI optimizes shelf space, saves a US retailer 50% of floor space waste

A US-based retailer was facing high floor space costs, making efficient space utilization a priority. Diverse product packet dimensions were complicating the storage process in stacking bins, resulting in significant waste of floor space and associated operational costs. Wipro collected historical data on packet dimensions and standard bin sizes and utilized AI to determine the optimal packing for all packets and bins, reducing the required floor space. As a result, the client achieved a nearly 50% reduction in floor space waste, which reduced operating costs. By implementing a standardized stacking process, the client fundamentally enhanced supply chain efficiency.

Wipro ai360 for Retail

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