Enterprise CXOs often struggle to access comprehensive cybersecurity risk visibility across their varied cyber projects. This makes it harder to justify the spending necessary to sustain cybersecurity programs and ensure continued cyber resilience in this age of continuous disruption.

Introducing Wipro Cyber X-Ray — a cybersecurity risk insights and decision support solution

Wipro Cyber X-Ray, powered by Zscaler, guides security leaders in making informed cybersecurity decisions based on various internal and external environmental factors. Telemetry data and alerts — provided by the Zscaler product suite — are integrated into Wipro’s proprietary orchestration solution to provide quantifiable risk impacts and actionable remediation insights.

This breakthrough security solution provides business intelligence that will allow security leaders to confidently communicate to the board the value of current cyber investments through a cost vs. impact analysis so they can be more agile in allocating beneficial cyber budgets to business and corporate functions.

Gain a quick view of  the security risk posture

Make cost-optimized security investment decisions

Confidently communicate cyber values to the board

With rich data at our disposal, Wipro equips clients with a full suite of cyber services — ranging from identification to remediation and operational recovery, as well as benchmarking their cyber posture in comparison to industry peers.

From a boardroom perspective, the solution provides enterprise CXOs with business intelligence to better understand the value of their current cyber investments and enables them to do more with less.

Executive values delivered

  • Single pane of glass visibility of the enterprise security risk posture
  • Capability to make risk-based decision making on security investments
  • Outside-in and inside-out real-time monitoring of security posture

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