Technical debt in enterprise applications negatively impacts feature delivery, quality, scalability, ROI, and predictability of release timelines. Wipro and vFunction find and fix technical debt using vFunction's AI-driven architectural observability platform. Together, they identify and resolve critical architectural issues blocking innovation. Customers get real-time visibility into their software applications to continuously modernize, accelerate engineering velocity, and deliver powerful developer and customer experiences at scale.

Partner Level

Strategic Venture Partner for accelerating application modernization.


Provide a seamless transformation journey by finding and fixing architectural technical debt (ATD)


Identify architectural technical debt, enhance engineering velocity, and improve scalability.

Wipro and vFunction work together to:

Expand Application Management Services

  • Application management services (AMS) give clients real-time visibility into your architecture.
  • Reduce technical debt, and continuously modernize applications.
  • Onboard developers and architects faster and prevent architectural drift while developing modern applications.

Move and Transform

  • Help clients move to the cloud and modernize their applications.
  • Use vFunction to modularize applications and accelerate microservices creation by automating code extraction and framework upgrades.
  • Build a continuous modernization factory to feed AMS services or modernize monolithic systems.
  • For applications already in the cloud, stop lift-and-shift and offer move-and-transform. 

Offer New Architectural Observability Services

  • vFunction provides real-time visibility into how applications are structured.
  • Use AI to observe an application’s behavior and composition after each release.
  • Benchmark its modularity, scalability, and accumulation of technical debt.
  • Offer prioritized recommendations for improvement with every release.
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