Ongoing advancements in cloud, AI and other technologies are presenting a wealth of opportunities for businesses. But to make the most of this progress, they first need to upgrade their digital networks.

Legacy SD-WAN networks just aren’t flexible enough to keep pace with rapid technology advancements, sudden changes in bandwidth or the demands of today’s hybrid work environments. At the same time, one-off upgrades risk making the already complex task of network modernization even more complicated, diluting returns on investment. 

As enterprises look to upgrade their digital networks, can they also streamline those networks? Is it possible to build an SD-WAN solution that is both more capable and easier to use? With a focus on orchestration, absolutely.

Orchestration is one of the most important elements of an advanced SD-WAN, enabling teams to deploy, manage and reposition network resources in real time. Centralizing management of all aspects of an SD-WAN amplifies the benefits of a modern digital network. Greater connectivity supports the flexibility and dynamism of multi-cloud environments and hybrid work models. It also increases transparency, paving the way for greater control over operations, improved efficiency, lower costs. 

This CIO publication, in collaboration with Cisco and Wipro,  dive into the many benefits of orchestration in a modern SD-WAN network and spotlight a powerful next-gen solution in orchestrated SD-WAN-as-a-Service . Read the full piece to learn more, including how to upgrade to a new digital network that empowers hybrid and multi-cloud applications.

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