What We Do for Employee Experience

If you’re business isn’t already investing in and planning a long term strategy around employee experience, you may find your business losing ground quickly in the coming months. Change is here, and it’s positive for every organization. But it’s time to dive in now.

A variety of advanced technologies and cloud-based applications are making employee experience a competitive differentiator for many enterprise organizations. With the right tools, employees are gaining in productivity, reaching business objectives with ease, and finding more satisfaction in everyday achievements. This attracts talent and encourages them to remain loyal.

Hybrid work models have cleared the way to smarter ways of working. But we’re seeing many businesses struggle to completely adapt. This is a prime opportunity to re-think how every aspect of your business operates, grows, and thrives with the help of modern technology. 

What you’ll gain from our combined solutions

  • Understand what’s possible with today’s automation, generative AI, and more.
  • Program speed, stability, predictability, reliability, and cost efficiency.
  • Program optimization, development, and manageability
            Scale and manage cross company adoption within your organization through global training and certification.
  • Cloud-based effectiveness, security, and agility, with simple systems integration.
  • Minimal customization by aligning with QuickBase roadmap.
  • Industry specific solutions (co-developed). 
  • Proven QuickBase expertise
           Specialized consultants to handle Citizen/Pro development, plus unique IP.
           Reduced risk through reliable, deeply experienced teams.
           Insider insights to QuickBase products and related enhancements.
What is QuickBase

QuickBase is a rapid application development platform for dynamic work. It powers low and no code development for business users. A leader in collaborative work management (CWM), QuickBase helps hybrid teams to see, connect and control complex projects and related processes. It enables speed and agility across teams. And as a cloud-first platform, it is easy to deploy, integrate, and maintain, while leveraging templatized vertical solutions.

What Analysts Say

QuickBase differentiates itself by targeting key information that supports the delivery of complex projects and programs,” according to Forrester.

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Current Industry Users

Construction, Contract Management, Education, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Portfolio Management, Property Management, Solar, among others.