Wipro and Nutanix are enabling the next generation of enterprise computing, elevating IT and cloud services to support more powerful business applications. 

The partnership combines the extensive cloud capabilities and services of Wipro FullStride and Nutanix to address the complex challenges of cloud transformations and maximize the business value of cloud investments. 

Nutanix is a pioneer in the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) space with software-defined virtualized environments that can be quickly deployed, scaled and upgraded. Wipro’s cloud experts are skilled in managing and modernizing large enterprise environments with in-depth knowledge of Nutanix solutions. Wipro Centers of Excellence for Nutanix technologies are committed to building new capabilities and cloud offerings in areas such as hybrid cloud, software-defined everything (SDx) and virtual desktop infrastructure. 

Partner Level

Premium Partner


One platform to run your apps and data anywhere

Partner Award

Global System Integrator of the Year 2022 

List of Specialization/Competencies

Wipro and Nutanix run a dedicated competency transformation program called ADROIT, designed to train Nutanix champions across Wipro FullStride Cloud. So far, this program has trained more than 650 Nutanix subject matter experts, each with specializations in the Nutanix Cloud Platform.


BoundaryLess Universal Edge (nBLUE)

Power innovation at the edge with a modern enterprise edge solution.

Hybrid Multi Cloud

Build robust hybrid cloud environments with Wipro BoundaryLess Enterprise powered by Nutanix.

Wipro Virtuadesk Services (VDI as a Service)

Leverage cloud-based VDI for fast, secure, intelligent remote work experiences.

Wipro’s Digital Database Platform Services 2.0

Drive productivity and infrastructure modernization with enhanced database lifecycle management.

Application Anywhere

Platform modernization triangulated with Red Hat Open Shift.

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Wipro Wins Nutanix Global System Integrator of the Year, 2022

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