The Wipro Live Workspace™ Modern Work Hub, powered by Microsoft, is a digital workplace solution that uses responsible AI to enhance employee productivity, collaboration, and engagement.

The platform leverages Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft 365, Teams, and Azure to provide a seamless digital experience for employees. Advanced AI capabilities and low-code solutions enable features such as intelligent virtual assistants, personalized user experiences, predictive analytics for IT support, and automation of routine tasks.

The Wipro Live Workspace™ Modern Work Hub combines the advanced capabilities of Wipro and Microsoft to power the workplace of the future through:

  • Connected employee experience and wellness through Microsoft Viva.
  • Improved communication and collaboration with smart meetings powered by Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Copilot.
  • Cognitive automation at scale, enabling seamless, efficient workflows and improving the productivity of citizen developers with the Power Platform.
  • Cohesive portfolio for frontline workers that combines Wipro's experience-led consulting with Microsoft Application stack to empower the frontline workforce.


Future of Work Copilot

Combine the advanced capabilities of Copilot and Azure Open AI to develop sophisticated AI workplace strategies.

Unified Monitoring and Assessment

Leverage in-depth analysis and focused assessments to mitigate risks faster.

Wipro Live Workspace Cognitive Automation

Develop low-code AI solutions to key business challenges with enterprise-grade security.

Workplace Solution for Frontline Manufacturing Employees

Embrace new workplace design and manufacturing paradigms to prepare for the future of work. 

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