Sensitive and Personal identification data leads to significant risks. Should you fortify data privacy and protection?

New applications and technologies have impacted digital transformations and triggered an explosion in personal data collection. But with every powerful new business capability comes new challenges. Security systems with built-in protection tools have improved but cannot keep pace with the growing number of security threats. Data-breached organizations face costly penalties, brand-damaging headlines, decreased user satisfaction, and greater government enforcement – creating an urgent need to fortify data privacy and protection programs.

Wipro and Microsoft are strengthening data privacy and protection programs by combining Wipro data privacy risks services with Microsoft privacy management solutions.

Build a Resilient Privacy Workplace

Data privacy presents new challenges for every organization. Wipro and Microsoft have created an eBook called “Build a Resilient Privacy Workplace” that outlines the primary obstacles IT teams face and provides a guide for monitoring all personal data shared online through emails, chat groups, and document folders, regardless of the data collection purpose. It also identifies government regulation gaps that make data compliance (or anticipated data compliance) much more complex. This eBook provides a risk-assessment framework to guide you through your data privacy journey and explains how to deploy Microsoft Priva across your workplace.

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