In Frost & Sullivan’s survey of almost 2,000 IT decision-makers from around the world, nearly two-thirds cite digital transformation as a top priority for the months and years to come.

To ensure a seamless digital transformation, business leaders need to develop a comprehensive strategy that engages various departments to address the needs of the entire organization.

A new report from Frost & Sullivan shows how strategic partnerships can simplify the process and help organizations fully realize their ambitions for digital transformation.

Featuring use cases from Microsoft, SAP and Wipro, the report offers practical insights to help organizations make the most of their digital transformation:

  • How collaboration drives productivity and innovation
  • How to increase ROI through strategic software integration
  • What security, performance and sustainability are most important for business needs
  • How Wipro’s SAP expertise can help companies deliver fast, cost-efficient, risk-free migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud, securely at scale
  • Wipro’s state-of-the art security solutions for seamless SAP migration or greenfield setups on Microsoft Azure

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