Wipro and Kibsi are redefining computer vision and AI applications to create an integrated cloud-native, low-code platform. Kibsi’s platform enables organizations across industries – manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation, venues, and more – to transform their existing camera network into valuable insights and actionable data. The platform enables Wipro to help clients run their computer vision models and present the results in a way that matches the business intent, both in Kibsi’s user interface and through an API. Kibsi infuses cameras with AI, transforming them from passive recording devices into proactive, real-time sources of business data.

Partner Level

Strategic venture partner for Cloud-Native low code platform with GenAI capabilities.


Provides seamless transformation with computer vision capabilities and video intelligence through GenAI. 


Ensures streamlined operations and improves the guest experience for the existing camera network.

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Whether you’re looking to optimize business processes, improve quality, enhance worker safety, or reduce errors and waste, Kibsi enables manufacturing organizations to gain a competitive edge.

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Supply Chain

It enables organizations to resolve major hurdles within the logistics and supply chain industry such as tracking assets in real-time, providing up-to-date information and alerts on stock levels, shipping workflows, product quality, automated label reading, safety and PPE compliance, and more. 

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Whether it’s an airport, bus terminal, or train station, Kibsi enables organizations to optimize routes, enhance safety and security, track and analyze luggage, and more so that organizations can improve the overall experience for passengers.

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Through advanced image and video analysis techniques, Kibsi amplifies event and crowd management, ensures smooth operations, and creates a safe and enjoyable environment for each visitor. 

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Zoos & Aquariums

Use existing camera networks to monitor and manage the well-being of animals, ensuring a thriving ecosystem within zoos and aquariums.

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