In a time when IT complexity and data security challenges loom large, businesses need streamlined operations and enhanced protection. Wipro and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have come together to develop a GenAI-powered solution for modernizing IT infrastructures, combining industry-leading capabilities to tackle operational hurdles and ensure secure data management.

Hosted at the newly inaugurated Customer Experience Center (CEC) within Wipro Cloud Studio's Kodathi office, this solution is designed to directly confront the issues of operational efficiency and security. It utilizes advanced, flexible large language models (LLMs) to offer businesses a way forward in reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR), decreasing incident rates, improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and minimizing process cycle times.

By integrating this GenAI solution, businesses can address their immediate operational challenges while positioning themselves for long-term success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. This initiative marks a significant step towards operational excellence, ensuring that companies can navigate the complexities of cloud-based operations with greater confidence and security.


  • Precision-Tested AI Models
    Bundled with HPE MLDE and Apollo 6500 to ensure the most effective, efficient models to enhance the solution's overall performance. 
  • Custom AI Optimization
    Unparalleled precision and outcomes tailored to your business goals through our meticulous LLM fine-tuning process.
  • Flexible AI Selection
    Diverse, customizable LLM selection offers AI capabilities to fit your unique business needs and user preferences.
  • Scalable AI Training
    LLM training across various domains future-proofs operations by keeping pace with ever-changing business demands.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
    Robust security features, including role-based access control, safeguard operations, aligning with the highest standards of organizational governance. 

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