Wipro and CloudBees provide end-to-end software delivery solutions to transform how businesses operate, deliver value to their customers, compete in the marketplace, and drive innovation.

Our state-of-the-art DevSecOps solutions can solve complex organizational challenges and help clients deliver more efficient, secure cloud-native apps to accelerate time to market and enhance customer experience while reducing costs.

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Elite Global Partner


From code to customer, continuously advancing business performance

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Global Partner of the Year 2022



Continuous Integration
/Continuous Delivery

Enhance overall platform setup, application onboarding and estate maintenance with DevOps pipeline.


Application Release Orchestration

Orchestrate applications, services and their related pipelines for real-time transparency across the DevOps ecosystem.


Feature Flag Management

Accelerate software delivery and deployment with enterprise feature-flag management integrated across the CloudBees software delivery platform.


CloudBees Compliance

Get continuous compliance support throughout the software delivery process with an out-of-the-box regulatory control framework.

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