Wipro and BMC Software have forged a strategic partnership for more than 15 years and serve customers across the globe.

The collaboration combines BMC Software’s impressive solutions portfolio (such as smart services and operations management, business workflow automation, and reframing the mainframe) with Wipro’s industry-specific experience and technology expertise.

BMC Software and Wipro share a vision for empowering organizations with autonomous operations. Together, we connect and optimize digital operations, fueling efficiency, intelligence, and innovation through technology pillars like enterprise service management and AIOps.

Our partnership bridges back-end systems with frontline experiences, ensuring that everyone in the organization has access to real-time insights that enable new opportunities, quick reactions, and  better experience at scale.

Wipro and BMC Software have built a Center of Excellence (CoE) that includes BMC HelixGPT, a new Generative AI offering that provides customers with ready-to-implement use cases across various industry verticals. BMC Software, registered on AWS Marketplace, now offers joint solutions along with Wipro on hyperscalers.

The partnership has a proven track record of delivering holistic solutions and transformative value to clients across the world, enabling organizations to stay ahead in a dynamic digital landscape.

Partner Level

15+ years partnership


Empowering organizations with autonomous operations

Customer centricity

Jointly developed Center of Excellence that includes GenAI offering - HelixGPT


Enterprise Digital Operations Hub (EDOH)

Wipro provides AI-driven operations management by leveraging BMC Helix operations management with AIOps through the Enterprise Digital Operations Hub (EDOH).

Enterprise Service Management

BMC Helix provides risk mitigation by optimizing processes, identifying saturations, and projecting growth with Wipro Cloud Studio.

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