In today's dynamic business landscape, change is not just inevitable; it's a constant that demands swift adaptation. The pressure to keep pace has never been higher, leaving companies that still rely on legacy mainframes rather than modernized IT systems at a disadvantage. The traditional mainframe release cycle, which often takes weeks or months, simply cannot compete with the agility demonstrated by organizations that make changes daily or multiple times a day.

Why, then, are so many companies still using legacy mainframes?

Although many businesses today recognize the value of mainframe modernization, 75% of respondents in a recent survey claimed that fear of change and funding constraints were preventing their company from completing its modernization program.

Mainframe modernization can be a complex process impacting every aspect of an organization, from business and technology to people and processes. Success requires careful consideration of different approaches such as whether to rewrite, rehost, refactor or replace. Businesses need to also consider change management, governance, production and rollout. Orchestrating all this requires a comprehensive strategy, technical knowledge and industry experience.

This eBook highlights how Wipro, as a global system integrator and AWS Premier Consulting Partner, helps enterprises address these challenges with end-to-end support including next-gen application services, deep domain expertise, integration and testing proficiency, data migration capabilities, and extensive program execution experience.

The eBook also showcases Mainframe A to Z, a joint solution from Wipro and Amazon designed to be a one-stop-shop for all mainframe modernization needs. 

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