A prominent IT service provider with operations in more than 50 countries boasted a large workforce with a wide array of skills. But nurturing career growth and upskilling for such a large workforce can be challenging. In particular, the company’s manual competency assessments were proving to be cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to errors. To address this issue, the business sought to automate key aspects of its competency assessments, paving the way for more efficient processes, lower costs, and increased employee satisfaction.


Wipro developed an Enterprise RAG (retrieval augmented generation) solution built on GenAI to expedite the creation of training materials. This solution supports a platform that allows employees to earn skill proficiency badges through short online assessments. By leveraging organizational guidelines and training materials as well as externally sourced information, the GenAI solution (built on AWS Sagemaker using advanced GenAI models like Claude 2.0 and Llama 2.0) generates design, troubleshooting, and coding questions tailored to various proficiency. For addressing security and high availability requirements solution leveraged AWS SageMaker Jumpstart, Amazon ECS (Fargate), Amazon Load Balancer, Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon OpenSearch, and Amazon RDS. The solution combines retrieval and generative models to generate high-quality, relevant responses, with only 10% of the generated material needing to be adjusted by a human.

Ambition Realized

Within just a week of implementing the GenAI solution, the client achieved remarkable results, completing over 5,600 online assessments across key technical areas such as Java/J2EE, Springboot, MicroServices, AngularJS, ReactJS, Selenium, and CoreJava. This agile new method of competency assessment has enabled the client to pinpoint areas for improvement and further bolster skill development. Upcoming additions to the assessment tool — including Mainframe, Microsoft, and CIS skills — will bring even greater coverage and efficacy, enabling the client to hone the capabilities of its global workforce, leading to enhanced productivity, proficiency, and cost-effective client delivery.