In the fast-paced realm of digital marketing, email campaigns remain a cornerstone for engaging customers and driving conversions. A Fortune 500 investment and insurance company sought to advance dual imperatives: reduce time-to-market while boosting conversion rates. The company recognized that incorporating GenAI into its digital marketing workflows would streamline operations and empower teams to quickly create compelling, hyper-personalized content. At the same time, the company wanted the flexibility to integrate new large language models (LLM) to keep pace with technology advancements and changing business needs.


Wipro proposed a GenAI solution that can quickly gather insights from various trusted sources and distil that information into clear, compelling email content that engages customers and empowers them to make stronger investment decisions.

Because security is paramount when handling customer data, the solution incorporates top-tier security features from AWS. Wipro used VPC private link between SageMaker and S3 to ensure that information transferred between different AWS services is secure and that the data used to train the GenAI models stays private within the client's network.

To meet the client's flexibility requirements, Wipro used AWS SageMaker Jumpstart. These tools from AWS offer a range of large language models that can be adjusted to fit specific tasks. Combining AWS SageMaker Jumpstart, Transit Gateway,S3, KMS, and IAM functions, Wipro created a solution that was both smart and secure.

Ambition Realized

Implementing the GenAI application enabled the marketing team to automate more than 30% of its email generation processes within the first week. This leap in automation led to a 40% increase in overall process efficiency and significantly enhanced customer engagement. 

By harnessing the power of GenAI, the client can now ensure that every marketing email is a vessel for delivering personalized insights gathered from a variety of reputable sources, directly addressing the needs and interests of each target customer.