In today's dynamic customer engagement landscape, contact centers grapple with challenges ranging from scalability to ensuring a seamless experience for agents and customers.

To meet evolving demands, many are turning to AI/ML and automation, yet face obstacles relating to integration and privacy. Cloud-based solutions can help, providing the scalability, agility, and industry-specific tools contact centers need to maximize value and long-term ROI.

With more than 20 years of experience working in contact centers, Wipro has identified three key barriers to cloud and AI adoption, and three strategic shifts to overcome these barriers:

  1. Expand TCO perspective with elastic cloud solutions like AWS.
  2. Align capabilities with revenue, shifting from cost-centric to lead-generation metrics.
  3. Prioritize easy integration through customized plans, like leveraging generative AI for streamlined efficiency.

Wipro helps contact centers adopt these strategies for long-term success, drawing on its expertise to implement Amazon Connect, address TCO concerns, identify revenue-generating capabilities, and design efficient systems. Wipro’s focus extends beyond immediate problem-solving to establishing resilient systems that proactively prevent recurring issues, ensuring long-term success in the rapidly evolving contact center environment.

Wipro FullStride Cloud harnesses interactive AI extensively to revolutionize and automate contact centers, paving the way for future-ready solutions.

Jo Debeker, Global Head of FullStride Cloud at Wipro, predicts in his Forbes article, "Interactive AI will lead a revolution in customer service with zero-touch call centers. By year-end, businesses are likely to unveil the world's first zero-touch call centers, a testament to the advancements in Generative AI."

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