Enhancing operational efficiency  with comprehensive IoT solutions

Drive value with a powerful partnership

Increased Visibility

Manage devices and connectivity, remotely with a comprehensive view of your customers’ businesses.

Accelerate Product Development Cycle

The open standard architecture of WSiC supports multiple protocols enabling advanced analytics for newly harnessed and existing data.

Flexible and Agile Manufacturing

Launch, manage, and scale connected devices in real-time across multiple geographies.

Increased Profitability

Build a competitive edge and transform your business. Almost every industry vertical can benefit from WSiC and IoT cellular connectivity.   

Enabled a leading retail store in Europe with visibility of diverse OT/IT devices spread across 600+ stores in multiple locations.

Deployed multiple IoT use cases with analytics within a period of 60 days for an industrial smart city in the APAC region.

Helped enterprises manage connected devices across 200+ countries. Equipped a product manufacturing company in the US to upgrade real-time performance monitoring of products deployed in the field across different locations.

Enabled a leading coal mining company in APAC with real-time monitoring of 2000+ trucks carrying coal from pit to port, reducing pilferage and improving efficiency while resulting in higher profitability.