By 2050, more than half of global transport vehicles will be predominantly powered by electricity. It’s going to be a massive transition, and numerous stakeholders in the EV ecosystem will need to rapidly deploy and scale new technologies and business models, including energy companies. As EVs gain traction around the world, energy companies will need to deliver value across an increasingly rich and complex EV charging space. 

Wipro’s integrated EV Business Services (EVBS) solution provides energy and charging enterprises with critical capabilities that will allow them to operate seamlessly across the entire EV value chain.

The EVBS solution enables clients to conduct due diligence; select, set up, and efficiently operate EV charging sites; and leverage customer data to analyse and improve their offerings. With EVBS, clients can also integrate key value-added services like loyalty, telematics, frictionless payments, dynamic pricing, mobility-as-a-service, truck-as-a-service, and charging-as-a-service. 

With Wipro’s EVBS solution, energy and charge station enterprises can leap ahead and gain market share in the fast-growing EV mobility segment.

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