The media landscape is undergoing a major shift, driven by ever-expanding content choices, audience fragmentation and evolving monetization models. From creating more engaging experiences to optimizing processes, companies face complex challenges that require advanced capabilities and strategies to solve. 

Wipro ai360 equips media companies with the tools they need to navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence. Combining leading AI solutions and strategies with the expertise of more than 30,000 ecosystem practitioners, Wipro ai360 empowers companies to shape a future where hyper-personalized experiences, accelerated content creation, operational efficiency and enhanced trust are standard practice. 

  • Personalized Experiences
    Leverage AI-powered deep learning to deliver truly personalized content recommendations and targeted advertising, fostering deeper engagement, maximizing conversion rates and driving growth.
  • Content Creation and Distribution
    Empower and assist the creative community with AI-powered tools to accelerate content creation from ideation through development. Optimize content promotion and multi-platform distribution through an AI-enabled supply chain.
  • Audience Insights
    Drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities with AI-powered analytics platforms that analyze audience engagement metrics, social media conversations, and provide actionable insights to increase sales momentum.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Increase operational efficiency and excellence by automating routine tasks such as media asset management, rights processing, compliance and quality control, and sales operations, freeing up talent to focus on high-value initiatives like releasing new products to the market. 
  • Security and Compliance
    Build trust and safety in your content and processes through proactive security, risk management and compliance measures powered by AI-driven anomaly detection and compliance automation.

Case Studies

Wipro ai360 for Media

AI led intelligent automation in news feed development reduce manual effort by 30% for media giant

A leading media monitoring company based in the US sought to automate aspects of its news feed development to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. Wipro’s solution combined open-source AI technology  and third-party robotic process automation (RPA) tools to reduce manual efforts for summary processes by 30% and agent web verification efforts by 30%.

Radio streaming leader reduces effort by 75% by streamling ad request processing with AI

Each month, the ad operations team at a leading radio streaming company in the US receives an average of 60,000 ad requests. The team wanted a better way to extract instructions from these requests and deliver them to the proper client for processing. Wipro deployed a unique AI-based taxonomy and validation tools  to extract key information in a structured format, enabling fast data extraction with separate handling for variations in data from email body, embedded images, and attachments. Wipro also implemented reporting dashboards to track individual workloads and performance. Automated work prioritization reduced effort by up to 75% and decreased average time to publish instructions from 14 minutes to 10.

Wipro ai360 for Media

Wipro ai360 for Media

Top movie studio uses AI insights to optimize social media spend and boost customer engagement

A multinational mass media and entertainment company wanted deeper insights into customer engagement with movie marketing campaigns across social media channels. Wipro’s solution employed RADIAN6 to capture and analyze data, leveraging AI for in-depth pattern mapping – as well as trends and sentiment analysis –  to generate valuable insights on customer behavior. The solution optimizes promotional spends for pre-launch activities and increases customer engagement on social channels.

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