September | 2020

The need for hardware & software integration in today’s RAN networks is evident, but can all the players overcome these challenges?
Will the deployment of O-RAN accelerate collaboration efforts between Telcos and ecosystem suppliers?


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O-RAN Solution Architecture Definition

  • Overall Solution Definition - Define O-RAN based system deployment architecture
  • Conduct Proof of Concept and Feasibility Studies to assess technical & commercial feasibilities
  • Architecture Validation with Proof of concepts
  • Overall HW / SW Integration – CU / DU / Edge Cloud platforms & application SW integration
  • RU – DU integration
  • O-RAN - Service Orchestration Integration
  • Development of CI/CD Pipelines for multi-vendor SW Integration

O-RAN SW Integration Services

DU-RU Integration in a multi-vendor ecosystem

  • RU – DU interface compatibility is a challenge if it is not fully compliant with the Open Fronthaul interface then assess the impact and develop DU – RU integration code.
  • Perform Functional and Performance Testing

DU / CU SW Integration with NFVI / PaaS environment of service provider

  • DU / CU are mostly to operate on Standards COTS based HW Platform DU / CU will leverage packet acceleration on NFVI infrastructure to meet performance goals.
  • Operators may have different Telco Cloud / Edge Cloud Strategy with different Platform SW stacks
  • DU / CU SW integration with NFVI environment
  • Functional and performance of SW on service provider environment.

O-RAN SO integration

  • Each operator will have their own Service Orchestration/ Service Management Eco-System and may / may not support O1 interface with full compliance
  • O1 Interface integration is critical to drive overall network automation in O-RAN.
  • Adopt O1 interface on either side to achieve the RAN Optimization & Service orchestration.

Customization of NRT-RIC & NonRT RIC

  • O-RAN facilitates custom-built application over NRT-RIC and operators can differentiate their RAN Optimization approaches by having custom applications.
  • NonRT RIC could have custom AI / ML models to drive SON & Network Automation use-cases in O-RAN including RAN Slicing
  • We can help in building operator-specific customization of NRT-RIC, Non-RT RIC.

FH / MH Transport Network Integration

  • Define FH / MH network topology
  • Integration of O-RAN systems with FH / MH Transport network elements based on customer deployment topology
  • SDN Controller Integration with FH / MH Devices

System Integration & verification

Test Plan Definition:

  • Overall test strategy definition & test plan development
  • Strategizing testing of features related to 5G NR  RAN solution for combination of new RU and DU / CU
  • Strategy to integrate a given RU variant with FH GW or FH Networks
  • Assess deployment combinations covering NSA and SA Modes

Test Areas:

  • Typical test areas to be covered are
    • O&M
    • Transport
    • E2E System Level scenarios
    • RF Performance
    • Load / Stress testing
    • Feature Compatibility testing
  • Identification of configurations, combinations involved

Test Execution & Automation

  • Execution of functional tests & regression runs across different configurations / combinations
  • Execution of performance / load / stress test for different combinations of DU – RUs
  • Automation of test execution wherever feasible.

Test Reporting

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