June | 2020

Insurer-led Cyber Security Ecosystem, a digital service delivery model, ties Cyber Insurance and Cyber Protection services – currently viewed as discrete offers - to deliver complete cyber security to the SME market
Figure 1: Cyber Security Ecosystem: Broad layout, services and key players
Stakeholder Considerations  Key Advantages
SME / End  Customer
  • Need for advanced Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance tools 
  • A convenient end to end solution with expert support , advisory & risk mitigation
  • Market size : Global Cyber Security market ( $ 120 Bn) is 15 times the Cyber Insurance Offering ( $ 8 Bn)5
  • Complementing nature of Services i.e. Security and Insurance – solving real customer problem
  • Accurate assessment and continued monitoring aids correct risk profiling and high profitability 
  • Enhanced reach through insurance distribution

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