Put employee experience at the heart of your hybrid working.

See beyond hybrid and rethink the future of your workplace by transitioning to secure, high-performance Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). You can unleash productivity by working from anywhere.

Buyer’s Guide: See beyond hybrid.

Wipro and Citrix's finance experience means we understand your challenges. Download our concise guide on robust workspace security, always-on service delivery, and enhanced UX and collaboration.

Finance’s Hybrid Future: Resources

Discover insights, ideas, and practical examples of how Wipro and Citrix have helped financial organizations future-proof their digital infrastructures for the world of hybrid work.

How firms are embracing next-gen UX with Wipro and Citrix

Read our case study to see how one leading European bank increased productivity and improved its user experience with virtual desktop infrastructure, against the backdrop of the global pandemic.

4 strategies for sustaining a secure, flexible financial workplace

Almost three-quarters of finance organizations have seen more cyber-crime since the pandemic, with over two-fifths putting it down to remote working. Here’s how you can face the challenge.

Harness hybrid to acquire top talent

As insurance undergoes a radical, digital transformation, a key focus is on rebuilding the talent acquisition process. This blog explores how you can enable the new ‘work from wherever’ model.

Beyond hybrid

By leveraging and combining leading cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) – such as Wipro virtuadesk™, Citrix Secure Private Access & HDX Technology and Citrix DaaS - the Wipro and Citrix partnership offers your organization a single solution that meets your key business needs for cybersecurity, user experience and service delivery, with outstanding success.

Our cutting-edge alliance is leading most of the high-volume deployments in the banking, financial services and insurance industries. Our partnership is successful because one complements the other: while Citrix offers the advanced security solutions, Wipro brings next-generation systems integration and management, as well as consultancy to the mix.

We will support you in delivering a secure, hybrid workforce, with next-level cybersecurity, service delivery and user experience.

Download our detailed report today to learn more about the issues affecting the finance sector – from security breach risks, and compliance issues, to the race for the best digitally savvy talent. You will discover how your organization can start building a future-ready strategy for ongoing success, right now.

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