Smart City Service Management and Automation

Integrated Command Control Center

With smart analytics for real-time KPI monitoring and control, crisis management, and event correlation.

Smart City Service Management and Automation

Includes operations management, fleet management, workforce management, infrastructure management, asset lifecycle management, etc

Smart Parking

Reduces traffic congestion and provide real-time information on parking availability, pre-booking parking slots, and charging systems while reducing carbon footprint.

Lighting Management

Provides more efficient and effective lighting in public spaces through remote management and monitoring, leading to energy savings, improved safety, reduced maintenance costs and increased citizen engagement.

Waste Management

Enables faster recycling and safer disposal using smart bins, vehicle tracking, and route optimization.

Safety and Security

Using smart surveillance, video analytics, facial recognition, biometrics, access controls, and incident management.


For citizen services and applications, asset management, and citizen experience management.

Smart Healthcare Services

With remote and mobile healthcare systems, automated ambulance dispatch management, patient monitoring, etc., to enhance healthcare.

Traffic Management

Leveraging vision analytics, machine learning and AI to automatically detect traffic violations, reduce congestion, and deal with emergencies.

Travel and Transportation

Solutions using information kiosks, digital displays, citizen applications, and fleet management to provide intelligent mobility options.

Utility Management

To drive availability and optimal distribution of power, water, and gas, identify and reduce leakages and waste, smart metering, billing, and emergency management.