The cyber risk landscape is rapidly expanding. Factors such as digital transformation, evolving regulatory compliance requirements and global economic uncertainty are creating challenges for security leaders who are being pressurized to reduce costs and optimize the performance of existing cybersecurity investments.

Balancing agile risk strategies with business priorities

Enterprises must evolve their cybersecurity financial management practices to support operational speed, agility and security. In this webinar, join Wipro experts as they guide you on how your organization can build agile security operations that align with strategic business- and technology-related priorities, including: 

  • Security tools rationalization
  • Productivity gains
  • Strategic relevance
  • Process optimizations
  • Risk reduction, and
  • Intelligent automation using generative AI and machine learning

“Automation can help teams do more with less and improve their ability to measure positive outcomes and threat response sophistication.” – Tony Buffomante, Senior Vice President & Global Head – Cybersecurity & Risk Services, Wipro Limited 

Learn how you can align your current cybersecurity spends with the maturity of your organization to identify cyber cost optimization opportunities so you can do more with less. Find out why macro platforms offer multi-year budget savings and give you the flexibility to dial your security spend up and down for more effective risk management.


Optimizing Cybersecurity Investments

Saugat Sindhu

Senior Partner and Global Head – Strategy and Risk Cybersecurity & Risk Services, 

Wipro Limited

Optimizing Cybersecurity Investments

Tony Buffomante

Senior Vice President & Global Head – Cybersecurity & Risk Services,

Wipro Limited

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For details on how to optimize the performance and costs of your cyber management investments, please contact our Cybersecurity Team.