To keep the tech enthusiasm and growth momentum surging within the design and engineering community, the nasscom Design & Engineering Summit is back. The 15th annual summit – “Designing a Sustainable, Autonomous Future,” will be the epicenter for showcasing the powerful flywheel effect unleashed by cutting-edge hardware and intelligent interconnected solutions, and a launchpad for groundbreaking concepts.

Join Wipro, a platinum summit sponsor at nasscom Design & Engineering Summit 2023, to explore the latest innovations in Engineering and Automotive Industry.

Don't miss our insightful session on Innovations in Automotive Design: Pioneering the Future of Mobility 

Session: Innovations in Automotive Design: Pioneering the Future of Mobility

Key Highlights 

  • Materials and Manufacturing Innovations: Highlighting sustainable materials and manufacturing processes that contribute to environmentally conscious vehicle design.
  • Collaboration & Cross-Industry Partnerships: Exploring the importance of collaboration between automotive manufacturers, tech companies, and other industries to drive innovation and sustainable solutions.
  • Redefining the Experience: How has the emergence of software-defined vehicles created newer ways for businesses to create new levels of experiences for consumers and Impact of AI in software-defined vehicle

Date : October 13, 2023

Time: 11:45 AM-12:10 PM


Thomas Mueller

Chief Technology Officer
Wipro Engineering Edge

Debashis Neogi

Managing Director, RNTBCI

KS Viswanathan

Vice President - Industry Initiatives, nasscom

Meet our industry experts and explore our innovative solutions that are revolutionizing Automotive Engineering with sustainable and autonomous future.