Mark your calendars for 15th to 18th October '23 at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre, PA. We are thrilled to showcase Wipro's participation in this event and highlight our remarkable Mortgage Operations and Gallagher Solutions Combined offering. 

Elevate Your Lending Game with Wipro at the Event

Discover the power of Wipro to revolutionize your lending process and enhance your customer experience. Join us at the event and gain valuable insights into the following key areas.

Effortless Lending Experience

Uncover how Wipro streamlines and simplifies the lending process, creating an effortless and enjoyable journey for borrowers. We'll reveal game-changing strategies to achieve a seamless borrower experience. 

Integrated Technology and Operations

Immerse yourself in our cutting-edge fusion of technology and operations, designed to boost efficiency and productivity in mortgage operations. Experience firsthand the power of automation and intelligent systems to optimize your workflows. 

Flexible Deployment Model

Explore our personalized approach to lending, with flexible deployment options tailored specifically to meet your unique needs. See how our solutions align perfectly with your business objectives. 

100% Compliance Delivered

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with complete peace of mind. Trust our team of experts to navigate the complex compliance landscape and ensure your full adherence. 

Our engagements at the event:

Captivating presentation and demo on NetOxygen LOS

At the event, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with our esteemed Mortgage Ops and NetOxygen leaders.

Visit booth #1216

Meet with us at booth#1216 and immerse yourself in the world of Wipro where innovation meets lending excellence. Let us guide you towards a brighter lending future.

Come and join us at the Annual Convention and Expo, where industry leaders converge to shape the future of mortgage lending.

We eagerly look forward to connecting with you and discussing the next steps in your lending journey.

See you there!

Meet our team on ground

Sandip Sahni 

General Manager and Sales Head 

Vijay Pandey 

Associate Vice President

Gopakumar Nambiar 

Practitioner Sales Directo 

Alok Bansal 

Vice President 

Joseph Shaw 

Head of Sales - Wipro Gallagher Solutions 

Michael Livi 

Director, Business Development  

Claire Hernandez

Principal Consultant

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