Join us in this exclusive forum to get insights on how to master challenges with data governance when implementing AI strategies in Banking.

About the Event:

Explore the transformative potential of data and artificial intelligence in the banking sector. This session will delve into how harnessing the right data strategies can pave the way for the successful adoption of Gen AI technologies. This is a highly interactive, peer group discussion designed for a leader to learn and share experiences on the key challenges and opportunities in Implementing effective Gen AI Strategies by taking full control over your data.

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • Data Governance Challenges in Banking:
    Discuss the specific challenges faced by banking institutions in managing and securing vast amounts of customer data while adhering to stringent regulatory requirements.
  • Strategies for Data Control:
    Explore effective strategies and best practices for achieving comprehensive data control, including data quality management, access control, and data lifecycle management.
  • Frameworks on Data:
    Discuss various frameworks for data management and governance that can help banking institutions align and take control of their data, ensuring better decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Preparation for Gen AI Integration:
    Address the necessary steps and considerations for banking systems to prepare for the integration of Gen AI solutions, including data infrastructure optimization, talent acquisition, and regulatory compliance.
  • Gen AI Use Cases in Banking:
    Showcase real-world examples, case studies, and live demos of how Gen AI technologies are being leveraged to address key challenges in banking, such as fraud detection, personalized customer experiences, and operational efficiency improvements.
  • Ethical Deployment of Gen AI:
    Engage in a dialogue on the ethical implications of deploying Gen AI in banking operations, including issues related to bias, fairness, transparency, and accountability, and discuss strategies to ensure responsible AI deployment.



How Accessible & Organized is Your Data

Joakim Åström
Cloud Solution Architect | Data & AI,
Microsoft Sweden 

How Accessible & Organized is Your Data

Reza Dilmaghani
Partner, Head of Data Science & Analytics, AI Practice,
Wipro Europe

How Accessible & Organized is Your Data

Martin Walker
Partner - Head of Financial Services,
PA Consulting, Sweden 

How Accessible & Organized is Your Data

Mikael Johansson 
Data & AI Lead ,
Wipro Nordics

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