At the annual Automotive News Congress in Detroit, MI, Automotive News’ Emma Hancock sat down with Jaydip Mukhopadhyay, Vice President and Head of Wipro’s automotive business in North America to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to software-defined vehicles.

The emergence of software-connected vehicles will bring even more changes to an auto industry already racing to keep pace with evolving business shifts and unprecedented upheaval. How will these vehicles redefine the relationship between customers, dealers, and OEMs? And will OEMs be able to monetize the reams of data these vehicles will provide? For answers, In the Driver’s Seat turned to Jaydip Mukhopadhyay, vice president and head of Wipro’s automotive business in North America. Mukhopadhyay is responsible for driving overall business growth in the region, as well as building strategic partnerships with leading automakers, Tier One suppliers, captive finance organizations and dealer groups.