Are you ready to revolutionize your vehicle's architecture and embrace the future of automotive technology? Wipro is here to help you transition from legacy E/E architecture to cutting-edge software-defined vehicle (SDV) architecture using the innovative Cloud Car framework.

Key Features of SDV Transformation:

Cloud Car Framework: Wipro's Cloud Car framework and accelerators provide the foundation for a seamless transformation journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration to SDV.

Innovative Solutions: Our GenAI offerings and cloud-connected data-driven solutions, including cyclic AI, shadow mode, data harvesting, mixed-criticality, and data mesh, supercharge your existing infrastructure and accelerate the transition to SDV E/E architecture.

SDV Verification and Validation: The V&V framework customized for SDV and testing as a service (TaaS) offerings include a cloud-accelerated virtual vehicle framework to ensure the reliability and performance of your SDV transformed deployments.

360° Life Cycle Management: New-age OTA functionalities, features, and apps (legacy or SDV-based architecture) deploy to your vehicle without compromising safety and security.

Automotive Ethernet: TSN-powered network architectural changes to automotive Ethernet to enable reliable, faster, safer, and more efficient communication within your vehicle.

With Wipro's expertise in the automotive industry, we are committed to helping our clients address their most complex digital transformation needs. Our holistic portfolio of capabilities, including consulting, design, engineering, and operations, enables us to build future-ready and sustainable solutions. If you want to reset the trend, download our PDF and learn more about our offerings today!

* Wipro’s Cloud Car offering integrates with multiple technology partners. The OTA and TSN solutions are made possible by Excelfore.

Ensure Evergreen Vehicles with Wipro's SDV Transformation