The integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) market has been around for almost two decades. IBM TRIRIGA is a leading enterprise solution in this space, addressing workplace transformation needs by seamlessly integrating data and automating processes across the intricate lifecycle of workplaces and facilities. It enhances organizational efficiency in real estate and facility management, minimizing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Key features of TRIRIGA include real estate and facilities management, capital project management, workplace (space) project optimization, environmental and energy sustainability, integration, and mobile accessibility. Recent advancements in technology further elevate this system. By infusing intelligence (IoT, ML, GenAI, etc.) into workplace management, you can experience a seamless integration of advanced technologies that optimize efficiency, foster innovation, and elevate overall productivity.

Our Expertise

Wipro’s expert team has in-depth TRIRIGA knowledge and experience, with end-to-end TRIRIGA implementation and support. Our cost-effective onsite-offshore implementation model delivers a 30%+ reduction in the total cost of ownership. We are a reliable, responsive, flexible, and trusted IBM partner. Our data migration tools and accelerators reduce effort by 10-30%, and we have a dedicated TRIRIGA Center of Excellence with reusable libraries and solution accelerators.

Our IWMS Innovation

Wipro leads innovation in the IWMS domain and focuses on enhancing user experience and business processes with integrated solutions. Our teams effectively oversee integrated workplace challenges encompassing:

  • Complex implementation and user adaptation
  • Customization, maintenance and data accuracy
  • System integration and scalability
  • Cost management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • User interface and experience

Our Innovations

Wipro has pioneered a suite of innovations aimed at enhancing both the UI and functionality of TRIRIGA with the help of cutting-edge technologies, empowering both the platform and applications to effectively streamline business operations.

  • Elevate UI
    Enhance user experience with intuitive design and streamlined navigation
  • RE & Space Accelerators
    Optimize performance in real estate and space management applications
  • Engineering Drawing Optimization
    Integrate value add for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and AutoCAD
  • TRIRIGA Envizi
    Enable sustainability with effective ESG reporting
  • AI Health Assessment (TriHealthCheck Pro)
    Streamline operation execution activities
  • (TRI-UP) Smart TRIRIGA Upgrade
    Reduce overall upgrade cost and time efforts by 30%
  • AILO
    AI driven Lease Operations    

Wipro’s TRIRIGA Capabilities

Dedicated TRIRIGA Center of Excellence with reusable libraries and solution accelerator

Innovative TRIRIGA solutions to extend product functionality and fill existing gaps

Provides Robust Sustainability Solution (TRIRIGA+Envizi)

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