Ampion, a Wipro company, is a technology services provider that has ingenuity at its core. With integrated consulting services and solutions, Ampion offers enterprise-scale assurance, security, and transformation expertise to help organizations overcome the technology challenges they face every day.
Ampion was founded to help organizations transform faster, more securely, and with greater success. Through its parent company Wipro, Ampion offers a breadth of capabilities combined with deep industry experience to increase scalability for global clients.

Ampion’s Specialisations:

• Assurance: Engineering focus & strategic approach across software assurance
• Security: Comprehensive security programs to protect your digital & physical assets
• Transformation: Digital innovation powered by deep insights and expertise

In today's ever-evolving business environment, Ampion delivers you the confidence to succeed.

Areas of expertise


Designing secure, compliant software you can rely on


Protecting your assets, lowering your risks


Delivering business value through insight & innovation
News and Insights

Preparing for the Australian Critical Infrastructure Act release

In December 2020, the Australian government proposed major changes to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act. Those changes will soon be released for Royal Assent, the final hurdle before passage into law in Australia. Given that this may or may not come as a surprise to many organisations that work with or own Australian critical infrastructure, it is time to revisit what this will mean for Australian and multinational companies impacted by the changes in terms of scale, depth of requirements, and timing for compliance.

The Risk Outsourcing Fallacy: A Cautionary Tale

In 2016, the Australian eCensus experienced a series of relatively minor DDoS events. In response, IBM, ABS’s outsourcing partner, initiated its fortress Australia strategy and geo-blocked non-Australian web traffic. Unfortunately, a router in Singapore was overlooked and the DDoS traffic continued to flood in.

Local Presence

Ampion is an onshore service provider with an Australian heritage, that understands the local market. We’ll help you navigate complexity with ease, so you can remain digitally relevant, enhance your competitive position, and thrive. Partner with us, and we'll engineer your business evolution together.