As enterprises expand their cloud landscape, an increasing percentage of data are moving across traditional data center boundaries. This requires a consistent security mechanism that covers all cloud and on-premises environments.

Wipro’s Secure Cloud Foundation for AWS (SCF) addresses enterprise cybersecurity challenges by building a more secure environment for AWS cloud deployment. SCF encompasses various aspects of cloud security, including data protection, application security, network security, infrastructure protection, compliance and identity and access management.

Wipro's SCF also contains many functions to complement AWS security capability, such as customized guardrails for specific security needs, compliance packs for quick adherence to specific regulatory compliance standards and custom permission sets for integration with third-party identification stores.

Major SCF benefits include:

  • Centralized security and network operation
  • Easy templatized deployment
  • Cost savings through automation
  • Ready-to-operate environment
  • Extensive threat detection and protection

To learn more, please download the Secure Cloud Foundation for AWS whitepaper. 

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