Transform your SOC journey with autonomous security operations

As organizations embrace digital transformation, security leaders are challenged by traditional SOC environments that employ costly and complex manual investigations to manage high log volumes from a variety of sources, such as hybrid environments, IoT devices and microservices, spread across different cloud environments. This can lead to alert fatigue, investigative delays and a build up of false positive alerts. 

Enterprises need advanced analytics and machine learning-based solutions to more effectively identify and prioritize security incidents and maintain compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

Wipro’s CloudSecOps on Google Cloud – A shield for cyber threats

Wipro's CloudSecOps on Google Cloud is a cloud-native SOC-as-a-Service solution that leverages the power of the Google Chronicle SIEM/SOAR platform. Wipro and Google offer a proactive operations suite to automate the SecOps. We construct a robust mechanism for threat management and handle routine security events and operations. 

Robust monitoring

Compliance adherence 

Improved ROI and TCO

Key features

Wipro's CloudSecOps is built on the Google Cloud platform with 180+ custom YARA-L rules and 40+ custom playbook libraries. It is designed to be fully cloud-native, ensuring seamless integration, growth, speed and optimal performance. The solution features include:

  • Automation — Automate routine security operations, repetitive tasks and identification of false positives to reduce manual efforts and improve response times.
  • Actionable threat intelligence — Receive contextualized global threat detection and response through Google native threat intelligence like VirusTotal or Wipro’s integrated third party threat intelligence services.
  • Compliance monitoring — Stay current on regulatory changes with real-time monitoring of compliance and regulatory audits.

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