Cloud adoption and digital service enhancements are empowering business transformation and global agility. But it’s also opening doors to vulnerabilities and security gaps that can endanger enterprise cyber resilience.

As organizations undergo assessments or audits, security gaps are revealed. The key imperative here is to promptly address these gaps, giving priority to and automating remediation for maximum risk mitigation.

Strengthen your cloud security posture

Wipro’s Cloud Security Posture Treatment (CSPT) solution is designed to reduce risks and strengthen your cloud security posture.

CSPT caters to primary enterprise needs by quickly addressing cloud security gaps, minimizing audit risks and bolstering cloud security compliance and threat resilience.

Improved cloud security posture and compliance

Reduced risk of audit violations


Adherence to industry and CSP security best practices


Automated remediation across multi-cloud environments

Wipro’s CSPT solution, delivered by our cloud Cybersecurists, offers a comprehensive approach to infrastructure security across multi-cloud environments. The platform includes:

  • Risk treatment plan — We design, build and execute timely risk treatment plans for security audit findings in your cloud environments to prevent potential security breaches.
  • Effective remediation — CSPT executes cloud configuration changes and validates successful remediation using cloud-native or third-party tools. Compliance adheres to industry standards, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, FedRAMP, and more, to avoid violation penalties.
  • Automation and best practices — Our process-based remediation program ensures robust Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for remediation, alignment with industry best practices and automation scripts for error-free remediation.
  • Future-proofing — We provide recommendations for future-proofing your cloud and improving security across various domains.

To learn how to take your cloud security to the next level, contact our Cybersecurists.

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