Digital enterprises are facing an ever-expanding threat landscape, including:

  • Targeted attacks on cloud infrastructure
  • Ransomware
  • Potential misconfigurations
  • Supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Remote workforce challenges, and
  • Skill shortages

Safeguarding your networks, data and workflows requires a strategy-first approach to risk mitigation. And cloud security must be a fundamental part of the business strategy.

Before you can address these challenges, you need to know where your cloud security stands today.

Wipro, in partnership with Palo Alto Networks, offers a Cloud Security Posture Assessment (CSPA) tailored to your specific needs. The solution leverages the expertise of Wipro Cybersecurists and the technical power of the Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud platform. Our agentless assessment process is designed for speed and efficiency. It takes just a few minutes for onboarding, providing you with a swift and comprehensive overview of your multi/hybrid cloud configurations.

Comprehensive coverage of multi/hybrid cloud environments

Actionable recommendations to strengthen your cloud strategy

Ongoing support for remediation, control deployment and managed security services

Select the service level you need

Basic Assessment (up to 2 weeks):
This package is focused on the major cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and covers the following areas:

  • Asset discovery
  • Cloud native security services configuration review
  • Compliance assessment and reporting
  • Cloud network traffic anomaly detection
  • Gap assessment reporting and remediation recommendations
Advanced Assessment (approximately 4 - 12 weeks):
In addition to all areas covered in the basic assessment, our comprehensive advanced assessment includes:
  • Cloud security posture
    Customer-specific review for configurations aligned with CSPs and industry benchmarks
    Data security (data discovery, data classification, and data exposure) checks
    Cloud identity and access management risks
    Suspicious network traffic flows
    Process integration with security incident response
  • Cloud workload security
    Health assessment of cloud workloads
    Security integration checks across the application lifecycle
    Vulnerability assessment
    Workload security policy review
  • Identity and access
    Analysis of entitlements granted across multiple cloud providers
    Calculation of users' effective permissions
    Identification of overly permissive access, public exposure, risky permissions and malicious user activities
    Detection of compromised accounts and insider threats
  • Network configurations
    Discovery of applications and identification of abnormal traffic flows
    Detection of network-based violations and anomalies
    Recommendations to secure traffic between cloud-native applications
  • DevSecOps
    Scanning infrastructure-as-code and repositories
    Offering recommendations to prevent code errors from being deployed
Wipro is committed to helping you navigate the complex world of cloud security and provide you with the right tools and insights you need to protect your digital business.

Take the assessment to proactively address cloud security challenges, mitigate risks and build a resilient cloud environment. 

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