In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, traditional security tools designed for on-premises environments simply can't keep up with the agility and speed of innovation on the cloud. These legacy solutions lack visibility and can introduce new vulnerabilities, increase overhead and create security loopholes.

To navigate the complex challenges of cloud security, many businesses are deploying a mix of cloud-native applications and security tools which creates a pressing need for a comprehensive and integrated cloud security solution.

Streamline the deployment of secure cloud-native apps

Wipro’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) solution addresses this challenge by providing comprehensive security capabilities that enable security and DevOps teams to speed up the development and deployment of secure cloud-native applications from code to the cloud.

CNAPP replaces multiple point solutions in cloud security with a unified, real-time visibility into your multi-cloud security posture and compliance to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency.

Comprehensive cloud security

 Enhancing security of applications and workloads 

Compliance adherence

Ensuring compliance with CSP-and industry-based regulatory requirements 

One-click visibility

Providing real-time security posture visibility

Wipro maintains a cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) that drives a digital-first strategy. We leverage advanced labs for innovative pilot projects and build custom use cases and policies tailored to your specific security requirements. By combining user behavior data from the cloud and workloads, CNAPP provides leading-edge insights that can improve detection rates, reduce false positives and help your teams focus on what matters now.

To gain insights into your current cloud security gaps and learn how CNAPP can enhance your security posture, please contact our Cybersecurists.

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