The communications industry continues to experience disruptions driven by demanding consumers, evolving regulations, disruptive technology, and fierce competition. Smartphone and mobile devices are witnessing dramatic enhancements along with a steep fall in costs, making access to information easier; data subscriptions are gathering steam on the back of growing LTE networks; and 5G is around the corner with the promise of faster and more reliable mobile broadband. On top of this is the innovation that native digital service providers will create.

CSPs have to make a concerted and conscious effort to transform into a Digital Service Provider to address these changing market dynamics effectively.

Wipro is geared to enable this digital transformation, as we engage with our clients leveraging our deep domain expertise, IP-led innovation solutions, digital tools and new ways of working and delivering end-to-end integrated solutions and services.

Our service offerings are crafted to enable this Digital Service Provider Transformation and are applicable to CSP businesses across B2C, B2B, Wholesale, Mobile, Fixed, Cable, Satellite, and Content. The four key areas of our service offerings are Digital Business, Network Modernization, Data & Analytics and NextGen Services, which are enabled, with our horizontal services across Advisory, Cloud, Security and 5G.

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