Cloud economics is a strategic approach that helps enterprises maximize business value throughout their cloud deployment journeys. Instead of a narrow focus on cost-cutting measures or increasing efficiency, cloud economics emphasizes collaboration between teams (finance, business, and technology), showing how to reallocate resources and adjust cloud consumption in line with business strategy.

Our Offerings

Wipro FinOps

An operational framework and cultural shift that brings technology, finance, and business together to drive financial accountability and accelerate business value realization from the cloud.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Evaluate and streamline the application portfolio to align with strategic goals and improve operational efficiency.

Agile Transformation

Enables clients to deploy an insight driven continuous improvement approach to adopt & mature agile ways of working.

Customized FinOps Processes Deliver Business Value

An Analyst Brief Sponsored by Wipro

AI Is Here: How Do You Control Your Cloud Spending?

To ensure AI investments deliver maximum value, cloud economics is a strategy that can manage cost, optimize value and allow organizations to be at the front of cutting-edge technology.

Cloud Economics Delivers More Bang for the Buck

Cloud investments continue to make up a bulk of technology budgets. Leaders need to be sure they’re making the most of those investments.

Cloud Economics: Driving Business Value Through Discipline

An estimated one third of cloud spending goes to waste, with 13% of projects, on average, going over budget.

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