Digital transformation has become a necessity in today's world, as consumers often switch to competitors due to poor digital experiences. Companies that leverage QaaS have reported up to a 27% increase in customer retention. The complexity of ecosystems with multiple partners and vendors can lead to operational errors, but QaaS streamlines these complexities, resulting in a reduction in such errors. Placing the customer at the core is essential, and QaaS plays a pivotal role in fostering brand loyalty, as most buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Implementing QaaS brings immediate benefits, including centralized controls and monitoring, predictable operational excellence, advanced risk mitigation, agility with adaptation, and resource optimization.

At Wipro, we have an extensive track record spanning 8 years, adeptly managing and optimizing third-party vendor support. We have worked with over 20 vendors for 6 diverse clients within our QaaS service. Notably, our evolved support structure accelerates vendor onboarding, enhancing their competency swiftly.

With years of domain experience, we have honed quality management processes covering 33+ languages across various geographies.

QaaS at Wipro goes beyond traditional assurance services and captures both existing and prospective customers' requirements. Our comprehensive framework provides audits, insights, analytics, reporting, vendor performance management, compliance, studies, and improvements under one roof, making us unique among providers. The solution affirms benefits such as C-SAT improvement, revenue improvement, reduction in cost, and defects.

What sets us apart in the market are the following salient factors:

  • High performing Audits with Vendors: We establish a 360-degree partnership with clients and their vendors, acting as process improvement consultants rather than just a third-party quality monitoring system. This approach ensures a collaborative and effective working relationship.
  • Process Maturity Model: Our proprietary Process Maturity Model is a directional framework designed to enable transformative initiatives. It tailors the approach according to different maturity stages, evolving from transactional quality to transformative excellence. This adaptable model seamlessly integrates with evolving business needs.
  • Plug & Play tools library: We provide easy-to-adopt tools, including scripts and macros, empowering efficient and seamless deployment within client functions. Embracing technological advancements like speech and text analytics, we continually evolve alongside emerging tools, fostering continual improvement within client environments.
  • Insights over and above process flows: Our framework acts as "the eyes and ears of our clients' business." In addition to interaction reviews, we provide offline insights tracking, studies, statistical analysis, and control charts, offering a comprehensive understanding of the business beyond just process flows.
  • Our QaaS practice addresses critical questions such as high KPI results with low quality, lack of actionable insights affecting decision making, traditional QA that focuses only on agent coaching and training, and unavailability of central and independent monitoring systems.

We have received testimonials from our clients, highlighting the following achievements:

✓ 25% faster decision-making processes

✓ 20% improvement in decision accuracy

✓ 30% increase in continuous improvement initiatives

✓ 15% increase in ROI related to quality initiatives

✓ 40% reduction in process variation across multiple vendors

✓ 30% faster adaptation to market changes

✓ 35% improvement in QA process maturity

✓ 25% reduction in customer problem resolution time

We offer flexible contractual engagements to ensure transparency and maximum coverage of customer interests. Typical structures include Time & Material and Hourly Pricing. For extended scope with transformation, we recommend a Gain-Share model. For scope expanding to proprietary QMS tools, we additionally have license-based fees and maintenance charges. Wipro QaaS is a transformational force, addressing pressing issues to drive 360-degree client success.