Spatial business intelligence technology has become a critical capability for manufacturers. It helps organizations execute operations with greater reliability, deliver on service promises, and engage customers and influencers. GIS maps provide actionable insights and real-time global visualization that can enhance customer loyalty, provide end-to-end transparency, and enable measured action.

At Wipro, we specialize in creating intelligent maps for manufacturers, offering a holistic view of data related to the overall supply chain. Our maps allow decision-makers to:

  • Visualize a complete company profile, including manufacturer, office, and warehouse locations, as well as employee, customer, distributor, and supplier locations. By drawing relationships between these locations, the company's supply chain can be identified and monitored.
  • Overlay historical risk trends such as earthquakes, floods, strikes, etc. onto the manufacturing (supply chain) network to determine the operating risk environment. This allows manufacturers to develop safer alternatives to their original plans.
  • Oversee the analysis, storage, and display of geographically referenced information and data. This can be implemented to monitor vehicle locations, ensuring companies keep vehicles on schedule while keeping stakeholders updated on expected arrival times of goods.
  • Determine the best possible location for a new store or restaurant. Factors such as age demographics, household income, and nearby businesses can be considered to decide where the best place to maximize profits would be.
  • Provide organizations with information on everything that could affect transit routes, from weather conditions to geopolitical turmoil. Our maps provide transporters with real-time data that helps determine the best route from point A to B. Manufacturers can pinpoint locations for deliveries of raw materials, predict accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs), and delivery durations.