Over the past decade, self-driving cars have undergone rapid advancements, becoming more sophisticated and reliant on artificial intelligence to navigate public roads safely. To ensure the successful implementation of this groundbreaking technology, high-precision maps are crucial for autonomous vehicles.

At Wipro, we specialize in delivering top-notch cartographic solutions tailored to companies operating autonomous vehicles. Our team is trained and equipped to create highly accurate digital twins of entire cities on maps. These digital twins empower self-driving vehicles to make split-second, online decisions while maneuvering through complex urban landscapes, guaranteeing the safety of passengers, drivers, and pedestrians alike.

Our skilled operators excel at breaking down cities into manageable sections and then meticulously constructing a complete simulation of the real world on your preferred cartographic tool. Every road boundary, marker, signal, sign, and other essential features for autonomous driving are carefully crafted by our team. We also continuously monitor real-world changes to optimize our maps, ensuring they remain up-to-date. Our robust map-building process is of the highest quality, incorporating real-time updates to provide accurate and reliable information. Our operators are trained to swiftly identify even the smallest changes on the roads and promptly update the maps, ensuring seamless responsiveness to real-time events.

In addition to creating highly precise digital twins of cities, we proactively anticipate changes that may arise due to major events or traffic advisories. Our team promptly incorporates these changes into the maps, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your fleet of autonomous vehicles. Our high-quality maps are essential for providing safe and reliable rides to your passengers while helping you achieve your logistical and transportation objectives.

As the prevalence of self-driving cars continues to rise, the importance of high-precision maps cannot be overstated. At Wipro, we are committed to delivering the best cartographic solutions for autonomous vehicles, constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve by developing innovative approaches to map creation and maintenance.

Choose Wipro for unparalleled expertise in AV mapping, and let us help you navigate the future of self-driving technology with confidence.

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