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Brexit is Unpredictable – Your Trade Spend Doesn’t Have to Be

Posted by: Varun Kaushal | February 18, 2019

On the morning of June 24, 2016, residents of Great Britain woke up to the news that their country was going to leave the European Union, as a result of the Brexit referendum vote held the previous day

A Financial Framework for Effective Trade Promotion: The Big Picture

Posted by: Varun Kaushal | January 31, 2019

While conversing with a CPG Director at a POI event in Budapest, he mentioned how some 28 years ago, an article in the Harvard Business Review offered an assessment of the difficulties facing manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods sector.

SKU Rationalization for an effective Trade Spend distribution

Posted by: Varun Kaushal | September 04, 2018

The real payoff the FMCG industry value chain is to meet each individual customer with the right product at the right time in the right place.

Need to grow customer numbers? Here is why your business needs a TPO solution.

Posted by: Varun Kaushal | September 04, 2018

Promax TPO has predictive planning capability to quickly and efficiently conduct ‘what – if’ analysis to model different promotion scenarios.

How Solid Is Your Trade Data Foundation?

Posted by: Varun Kaushal | September 04, 2018

Your decision about whether TPO is right for your organization starts with a clear-eyed assessment about the strength of your trade data foundation.