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Facing Digital Disruption? Adopt Agile to Stay on Course

Posted by: Rituparna Ghosh | May 09, 2017

It had all the elements of a new age digital story – a big brand, a social media platform, the Big Game and dozens of offers and on-the-spot prizes being dished out to a host of millennials & others watching it.

Why Agile fails during enterprise adoption

Posted by: Rituparna Ghosh | September 12, 2014

In my last blog I shared my views on why Agile projects fail. This week I will talk about some of the reasons why Agile fails during an enterprise-wide adoption.

Why does Agile fail?

Posted by: Rituparna Ghosh | September 03, 2014

A few days ago, during a training session, someone asked me why Agile projects fail. While apparently simplistic, the question is a loaded one.

Being a Servant Leader- traits to internalize

Posted by: Rituparna Ghosh | August 25, 2014

I was talking about the Servant Leader in my previous blog. To reiterate, in an Agile/Scrum construct, the individuals need to internalize the Servant Leadership concept which allows them to be one who serves the team and work towards its success.

Being a Servant Leader in the Agile Team (Part 1)

Posted by: Rituparna Ghosh | August 18, 2014

Let me start by sharing a joke. I was telling a Manager (in an account which had recently adopted Agile) about how he needs to be a servant leader for his team.

Adopting Agile? Time To Embrace Change

Posted by: Rituparna Ghosh | August 08, 2014

As a part of the continuous initiative function in Wipro, over the past year-and-half I have interacted extensively with teams (both client and internal) who are trying to adopt Agile. One of the first things that have always struck me during my discussions was how everyone looked at Agile differently.