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How to future-proof your cloud adoption roadmap?

Posted by: Ravi Purohit | January 02, 2019

The rate at which organizations globally are embracing cloud to achieve business transformation through scalability and cost-effectiveness is increasing rapidly.

Oracle makes cloud enterprise-friendly

Posted by: Ravi Purohit | December 19, 2018

Amplify the impact of enterprises' transformation programs with Oracle Cloud

Off with the Blindfolds: Seeing through Silos for Better Customer Experience

Posted by: Ravi Purohit | September 20, 2017

Let us look at a typical customer’s journey of interacting with a brand. She starts out by clicking a link on a social media campaign that leads her to the company website.

From Hygiene to Differentiation: Better Customer Experience through Engagement

Posted by: Ravi Purohit | May 23, 2017

When it comes to customer experience design, it is effective engagement that can steer the journey from effort to positive emotion.

Effort to Emotion: Mapping the Customer Journey

Posted by: Ravi Purohit | May 11, 2017

Multiple studies that map US corporate performance over the years indicate that the topple rate has never been higher.