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Enterprise Darwinism and democratization of engineering

Posted by: Neeraja Adusupalli | November 20, 2019

These are times where organizations that adapt quickly and efficiently to digital transformation survive while others simply fall by the wayside.

Application programming interface – A New wave in B2B?

Posted by: Neeraja Adusupalli | January 10, 2014

File based integrations have dominated B2B integration and related interactions, keeping the data between a business and its partners in sync. The new buzz word, API (application programming interfaces) will be a disruptive game changer. It will augment B2B capabilities by letting Trading partners discover APIs and connect to enterprises themselves quickly and easily. This translates to partners being able to write their own information onto enterprises' data stores directly, enabling faster on- boarding and hence quicker time to value. Naturally, this raises a question - will this web API model put an end to file based integrations? The answer is probably NO.

Convergence of B2B (Business to Business) and A2A (Application to Application) to drive business value

Posted by: Neeraja Adusupalli | October 24, 2013

Technology convergence is a phenomenon which combines two or more different technologies in a single device. A “Smartphone” is a good example in this regard. By eliminating the need of dedicated devices such as pagers, PDA, camera, video-recorders and computers, it provides simplicity and convenience. Similarly, businesses are getting consolidated and closely integrated globally. Integration has become an essential and ongoing process to have a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market conditions.